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Our Albany Accountants help businesses take control of their finances, stay on top of their obligations & achieve their goals. Your first appointment is on us. Click the green button below to request a complimentary appointment with our team today.


Feeling Out Of Control?

When you’re so busy running your business, it’s easy to let things slip. A slip however, if left too long, can have a drastic impact on your business & life. Don’t let a “slip” become the way you do business. If you are:

  • Unsure if you’re making or losing money.
  • Behind on your tax obligations.
  • Struggling to keep on top of everything.
  • Unsure what your numbers are telling you.
  • Unsure how to move forward with your business.

This is a sign you could use some help.

Our team of Albany Accountants will help you get back in control of your business, get clear on your current financial position and empower you to make more informed decisions moving forward.

You’re first appointment is complementary. Click the button below to get started.

We Don’t Just Care About Business
We Care About You

We Don’t Just Care About Business, We Care About You
Get Up To Date With Your Obligations
Get Clear On What Position You're In
Get Guidance On Where To Go Next
Get Control Over Your Business

We Understand The Challanges You’re Facing In Business

We know that you don’t want to be speaking to an accountant, and we get it. Maybe you are:

  • So busy it’s hard to take time away from work.
  • Worried about what the bill from us is going to be.
  • So overwhelmed, you don’t even know where to start.
  • Concerned about finding what position you’re in.


After working with hundreds of business owners over the past few decades – we understand the challenges you’re facing in business. We’ve also heard horror stories about our clients past accounting experiences such as work not being explained in a way you understand, big bills coming out of nowhere, being promised the world then palmed off to a junior & so much more. 

We believe this is just wrong and, if you work with The Accounting Centre, this is our promise to you…


We promise:

  • We’ll always do the right thing for you & your business.
  • We’ll help you understand your finances.
  • You’ll know your bill ahead of time.
  • We’ll make ourselves available for you whenever needed.
  • You won’t be palmed off to a junior.


We are a specialised accounting firm who’s committed to helping business achieve their goals.

We have helped hundreds of businesses in the past, and we can do the same for you.

Your first appointment is complementary so click the green “Request An Appointment” button to make a time with our team.

We look forward to speaking to you soon.

How Much Money Is The Wrong Accountant Costing You?

Working with the wrong accountant can cost your time, money, and (in some cases) even your freedom. Don’t take chances with your future. Make sure the accountant you’re working with is right for you & your business. If you’re unsure about your current accounting partner – request a complimentary appointment with one of our business accountants today. 

How We Work In 4-Steps

The 4-step process for our team to help you & your business.


Request your complementary appointment where we’ll meet & discuss your situation.



We’ll look deep into what’s going on & keep looking until we fully understand your position.



Together, we’ll create a personalised action plan to help you to move forward.



Now we put your plan into action
& we’ll continue to support you on your journey.

We Love To See Our Clients Win

What our clients think of our team

The Services Our Albany Accountants Can Offer

How we can help you with our team

Accounting Services

Accountant Albany

At The Accounting Centre, we pride ourselves on specialising in business accounting and offer a wide range of services to help you overcome your business challenges. We can help save you substantial time and effort by increasing the efficiency of your accounting tasks, like payroll, taxes, bookkeeping and invoicing, which can increase your profitability and set you up for business success. 

We have worked with many local businesses who have benefitted from the quality service of having a dedicated business accountant helping them with the strategic planning of their business finances. Our accounting services include cost management, retirement planning options, computer-based accounting systems, sale of businesses, accounting advice on capital investment projects and risks of capital investment. Rely on our accounting knowledge in all matters to help you through any accounting issues or questions your organisation may have and be confident that you will save your business money. 

Our focus is on customer satisfaction and being at the forefront of accounting practices in order to provide the very best accounting services for businesses and our clients. Using an experienced accounting expert from our accounting firm will help you as business owners succeed in all your business goals. 

Taxation Accounting

Tax Accountants Albany WA

Understanding business taxes can be confusing and stressful, so our tax accountants are here to offer professional tax advice on taxation issues and to help you better understand your obligations. You will be more effective in maximising your tax return and tax deductions by using a taxation accountant, thus saving you more money in the long run. 

With expert taxation advice, we can help you better understand all the different taxes that can be part of running your own business, and help keep your business compliant with the government rules for Australian businesses. We spend time ensuring you know exactly how Goods and Service Taxes affect you, as well as Fringe Benefits Taxes and how to minimise your income tax. Because every business is different, we make sure that we offer personalised advice relevant to how your organisation operates. 

We also offer taxation advice for individual taxation returns, and will help you maximise your hard earned income and advise you on what you can claim at taxation return time to give you the best chance at saving you more money. Made investments in stocks or cryptocurrency? We can answer any questions you might have regarding profits or losses you have incurred and what this means for you at tax time. Click here to learn more about the #1 Tax Accountants in Albany WA

Business Advisory Services

Albany Business Advisory Services

Whether you’re just starting up, wanting to progress your business to the next level, or coming to the end of your journey, we offer an extensive range of expert consulting, accounting and business advisory services that will help you no matter what stage you’re at. 

If you need assistance in registering an ABN or looking for a foolproof business strategy to increase your profits, our advisors are here to make all your business goals a reality. We know how important it is to have an action plan and goals in place in order for you to achieve business success. 

We’re business experts who can help you grow a successful business from the very beginning, or we can help you when you have come to the end of your business lifecycle. 

We can give expert advice on business structures, financial management, business valuations and management, family businesses, succession planning, business software, sustainable business models, business forecasts and many more aspects that business owners feel they need to be advised on in order to maximise business growth and success. 

Our Albany business advisors are here to work with both small and large businesses, so no matter your business situation, you can rest assured that our advisors will offer you invaluable advice, help with your business plan and can provide support with our suite of services.

Bookkeeping Services

Book Keeping Services

Bookkeeping is an unavoidable aspect of running a business, and if you want to be successful, you need accurate bookkeeping that will give you peace of mind that your financial statements are all in order when tax return time arrives. 

That’s where we come in. Reduce your stress and workload by having one of our qualified bookkeepers look after your financial transactions and keep on top of all bookkeeping tasks. 

Good business bookkeeping practice helps with effective cash flow management and making financial decisions, but it can be a time-consuming chore that is not prioritised in the day to day of running a business. However, leave your bookkeeping with us and trust that it is being handled by experienced bookkeepers whilst you focus on growing your business. 

Our bookkeeping services include dealing with accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, monthly reports, and more. We can help you consolidate your business activity statements and business finances, as well as assist you in setting a budget estimation to keep on top of cost management and financial goals. 

Rely on our expertise in bookkeeping to keep your business finances on track and under control. Make the strategic decision to work with our Albany bookkeeping professionals and save your business both time and money. 

Accounting Software
Solutions & Training

Accountants Albany WA

Having the latest business accounting software programs can make a big difference in the day to day running of your business and keeping track of its finances. But with so many products and services on offer, how do you know which one will suit your business software needs best and which one will offer the best value for your money? 

That’s where we can help. With our knowledge of the best computer-based accounting systems on the market, we ensure we recommend the accounting tools that are going to be the best fit for your organisation. Unlike other accounting firms, we have no preferences and are committed to offering a wide range of options that will provide a complete solution for all your business accounting software training needs. 

Not only do we make sure you get the best accounting software investment, but we also ensure that you know how to use the accounting software applications properly, with training provided by us, you know you can use this software to the best of its ability and that we are there to help with any problems that may arise. Choose one of our software accounting packages and save yourself time, money and stress.

Self Managed Super
Fund Administration

Accountants Albany

Take control of your own retirement planning options by setting up a self-managed superannuation fund with us. We know you want to make the best possible investment decisions when it comes to planning for your future, and our SMSF administration services are here to help our clients do just that. 

If you already have a self managed super fund, or are considering setting one up and don’t know where to start, we have you covered. With professional advice on legislative requirements, investment strategy, SMSF assets and more, you can have peace of mind that we will help you maximise your retirement savings so you can work smarter and not harder. 

Our dedicated super fund administrators are up to date on all the latest laws and compliance requirements, and are ready to give expert advice on any questions you may have regarding retirement strategies and investment options. We will also spend time working closely with any other financial advisors you may have in order to provide quality service and achieve the best possible outcome. 

With customer satisfaction as our chief priority, there has never been a better time to be in control of achieving your own financial future aspirations. 

The Common Questions Our Accountants Albany WA Are Asked

Have another question? Reach out.

There are several different types of accountants but, rather than giving you titles, it’s better than say that a business needs an accountant that understands taxation, management accounting and an element of personal finance.

An accountant like this will help you need your obligations, get the most out of your business and set yourself up personally.

We do this each day for our clients at the Accounting Centre with our professional accounting services.

If you’re seeking someone to help you with all aspects of your business’s finances then reach out to The Accounting Centre for a complimentary first appointment to learn how we can help you.

An accountant is only an “expense” or “expensive” if they don’t provide value to your business.

An accountant can very easily be an investment because if they can save you money on your taxes (that you would have paid if you did this task yourself or if it was lodges in a certain way) in excess of the fee they charge then you have made money.

An accountant that does this is an investment, not an expense and this is what the Albany Accountants at The Accounting Centre aim to do each day. 

It would be wise to have an accountant you consult if you’re in business however there are some situations that do not require an accountant.

If you have a hobby business that takes cash payments and all transactions are under $75 and you earn less than $300 a week then it is unlikely you will need an accountant as this “business” has no tax obligations* (General Advice only)

There is a range of accounting hourly rates for accountants in Australia but they are typically between $150 – $500 an hour. The actual rate does depend on the accountant themselves and the matter they are working on. For example, a business audit, detailed financial analysis & strategic business financial planning would be at a higher hourly rate than simple account reconciliation. The reason for this is the different levels of technical expertise required to execute these services correctly.

Of course you can. 

You can do business without an Accountant but there are going to be financial decisions that you make as you progress and tax implications on the back of your business.

It would be wise to get the financial guidance of an accountant where necessary.

What amount of help do you need personally?

We’re not sure.

The first step to finding out what your options might be is to reach out to The Accounting Centre for a complementary first appointment with an experienced Albany Accountant.

It would be wise to speak to someone who has a deep understanding of finance and the Australian taxation system if you’re self employed.

It depends.

There are really 2 pricing models.

– Fixed Cost For Service
– Hourly Rate

At the Accounting Centre we don’t have a single fixed cost to do taxes because it depends on the amount of work to be performed.

For example, a sole trader earning under $75 000 a year is very different to a $10+ million cooperation’s with multiple shareholders and trusts involved. 

Yes, the Albany Accountants at The Accounting Centre can take care of payrole.

That being said, it will depends on your unique situation so the first step if you’re looking for payrole assistance is the request a complementary first appointment. 

While accountants have a  just good understanding of money they do not handle their clients money like the business owner or a bank would.

Of course, they handle it in their personal lives but so does everyone else. 

Sometimes. It depends on the Accountant and the nature of your engagement with the Accountant.

At the Accounting Centre we offer Business Advisory services which is business advice. 

A book keeper handles the “day to day” of your finances and managing your books.

Your accountant looks at the big picture of your finances, is more strategic in their advice (how to manage the day to day & structures) and handles your taxation / compliance obligations. 

So what do you need help with? 

Keeping on top of transaction reconciliation and managing records? Or is it taxation, strategy and the finances of your business overall? 

While you can’t be an “accountant” without the needed qualifications and certifications you can do a part of what an accountant does for businesses which is lodging your own tax.

Be warned though – the ATO expects you will do your taxes correctly so if you do want to handle your taxes yourself it could still be wise to speak to an accountant for some guidance or a review. 

If you’re a business owner that is looking to get more control, clarity and growth in their business – then you should work with our specialised Albany Accountants at The Accounting Centre because this is what we focus on.

We have been helping businesses almost exclusively for the past 7 years and have decades of experience/knowledge on staff that we can draw upon to help you. 

We could write all day here but, to save both of us time, we have decided to offer a complementary initial appointment where you are more then welcome to speak to one of our team and ask them this question. 

There is no cost or risk to you and if you feel that we’re not the right fit then simply choose not to proceed as this consultation is no-obligation.

If you would like to take up this offer, please click the green button on our website. 

The Specialist Business Accountants Albany Needs

If you’re a business owner that is looking to get more control, clarity and growth in their business – then you should work with our specialised Albany Accountants at The Accounting Centre because this is what we focus on achieving for our clients.

We’re business specialists and we’ve been helping businesses clients in Albany since 2013 and our team has decades of experience/knowledge on staff that we can draw upon to help you in your journey. Here are some of the reasons you should work with The Accounting Centre:

Nicola Edwards
Nicola Edwards
Karen and her team at The Accounting Centre are not only very professional, they actually care about their clients, their businesses and getting the best for them. From planning, goal setting through to tax minimisation, these guys are the best! I can highly recommend them.
Aarron Attwell
Aarron Attwell
This team of professional accountants in Albany WA will blow you away. Karen & Michael are not the first Accountants in Albany I spoke to about my business but they are the first albany accountants who I feel understand the journey I’m going on, are committed to my business and really care about helping me win. I saw them regarding tax accounting and help with my bookkeeping originally and this conversation developed into a deep dive about my businesses goals, my current financial position and making a plan on how to help my business succeed. Highly recommend this outstanding team of accountants and bookkeepers in Albany WA. Give them a call. You’ll thank yourself in 6-months for doing so 🙏
Sean Maguire
Sean Maguire
Can't speak highly enough of the team at The Accounting Centre. People first... that's what I love about them. Honest, hardworking and full of integrity. They are not just the typical tax time accountant. They actually care about you becoming successful. 5 stars.
Zoe Dear
Zoe Dear
We switched our business accounting to Karen at the Accounting centre and it was one of the best decisions we have made. Karen takes a genuine interest in helping you grow your business and make smart financial decisions. She takes the time to explain options so the right decision can be made. I would describe her services as accountant/business coach. She is incredibly knowledgeable and professional. Highly recommend!
Zoe Wehr
Zoe Wehr
Apsara Villa
Apsara Villa
Very professional and well informed - 5 stars from a hard marker.

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Our company office is located at Shop 1/20 Campbell Road, Albany WA, 6330. We’re close to the ASHS High School and Reeves On Campbell so very close to the Albany CBD.

If you’re needing directions and want some help, just give our friendly team a call on (08) 9842 2063 and they’ll be happy to assist you.

We’re looking forward to meeting with you soon and don’t forget, your first appointment is on us so reach out to schedule your appointment today.

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